We customize our approach to the unique aspects of each operation, whether it is maintenance or environmental dredging. We invest in modern technologies to ensure


Coastal and sea areas of the Texas Gulf Coast are critically important. Not only do local communities rely on them as a source of income, but a wide variety

Building marinas & docks

Whether you are looking for a simple floating dock or a multi slip marina, we have the expertise to design and build exactly what you are looking for. We pride ourselves

LEASE tugs and barges

Derrick Construction owns a variety of tug boats and barges that are available for lease. Whether your project is big or small, we have the equipment to get the job

pipeline installation

Our depth of experience and industry expertise leave us uniquely qualified to address every phase of your marine pipeline project, including installation


There is no job too large or too small. In our more than 55 years, we have completed a wide range of complex excavation projects. In fact, the most demanding schedules

About Our Company

Derrick Construction Company  is a marine construction company operating along the Texas Gulf Coast that offers a variety of services including  leasing tugs and barges, building marinas & docks, maintaining rig locations, pipeline installation, burial and removal, loading, unloading, excavation, wellhead hookups, bulkhead installation & repair, platform and well guard fabrication & installation, pile driving, dredging, salvage, restoration, sandblasting & painting.

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